Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Canola video from the World Usability Day

So Marcelo Oliveira posted a video to YouTube of him demonstrating Canola at the World Usability Day here in Recife. The video shows one of the concepts that we have used to develop the new Canola, more specifically the photo view and the new player view (including cover arts). It also shows our kinetic list, which has evolved a bit since our prototypes.

High quality version at Blip.tv

Most of what is shown in the concept is already implemented and fully working. I especially love the photo view, and when the concept was first presented to me, it rocked me away; but it also left me scared for a moment.

How to implement this in a way that it is usable and fast of the N800 device? Lots of problems came up as anticipated, but Leo Sobral has been working hard and has come up with a lot of clever solutions, and I must say that his work has been bearing fruit - the result is just astonishing, and it is now a joy viewing my photos on my N800!

The audio view is also quite nice, especially the cover view, which lets you view your music by album, showing tracks and album cover. The actual player has also evolved, and it now feels a lot slicker.

Though, it mostly looks the same, all of the code is new, and Artur Souza has been hard at work making sure that everything works smoothly and fast, but he will tell you a lot more about this in an upcoming blog post.

During the last week, I have been busy working on adding support for podcast, but now I'm back at working on the mapping view for at least a week. Afterward, I will try blogging about the podcast support.

Oh, and now to forget...

...our new framework provides scaling with very little work; imagine what the future might bring ;-)


Blink Blonk said...

Is this Canola running inside a VM? If so... would you explain or point the right direction to how you set this up?


Kenneth Rohde Christiansen said...

Nope, it is just running on the desktop ;-) It runs perfectly on the device as well (N800 so far, but we also had it running on N770)

It is all python - multi-platform!

Blink Blonk said...

Ok. Cool. That's much easier!

This project looks great, by the way ;) Keep up the excellent work!

Setanta said...

Totally awesome! And the cool part is that I just have to walk to your room to try it in the real world. \o/

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