Friday, May 25, 2007

So what is up with that IM application?

Well, a lot, and then not so much :-) I have used the last weeks refactoring the code, implementing new minor features, fixing bugs and still there hasn't been a release.

Some of the new features include support for emoticons (as well as copy and paste of emoticons), logging, translation support, as well as the beginning of voice calls. The last week I have been working on implementing support for other protocols (and connection managers) and today Luiz started moving this work into Tapioca.

Unfortunately, we need to find a new name for the application (the real reason that there has been no release!) as Colligo is trademarked. For the moment we settled on Ereséva which is Tupi Guarani (the "original" Brazilian language) for "What you want to say", but if someone has a better name, now is the time to tell us!

For the next month I will be travelling and as such, I won't have time to hack on Ereséva.