Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bossa Conference '08

If you didn't have the privilege of joining our Bossa Conference last year, now is your chance. It was the first INdT sponsored conference on Mobile / Open Source Software and it was a huge success.

To quote some of our attendances:

"The best Open Source conference I had the pleasure of attending."
Zack Rusin

"The Bossa Conference was an awesome event. For me it was the best open source conference in 2007. Don't miss the next one..."
Marcel Holtmann
Bluez Maintainer

"Sand, sun and small devices. BOSSA was the perfect conference to discuss the future of Linux on embedded platforms."
John 'J5' Palmieri
Red Hat/OLPC/DBus

"Best conference I've ever been to. DON'T miss this one."
Carsten 'Rasterman' Haltzler

To sum up: Bossa Conference '08

Come and enjoy a innovative conference on Open Source Software for Mobile Embedded Platforms. Located in Porto de Galinhas, one of the tropical paradises of Brazil, the Bossa Conference will happen during 16th to 19th of March at Summerville Beach Resort (www.summervilleresort.com.br). The perfect combination of developers, pleasant environment and good ideas.

Let's go! We're waiting for you.

Information and registration: www.bossaconference.org.