Friday, July 27, 2007

iPhone-like List View

So as I promised yesterday, I'm going to show a video of my iPhone-like list view that I wrote in python using Evas and Edje. There is still one bug present, but I will look into that soonish. I would also like to optimize and clean up the code some more.

Anyway, to the demo :-)

The pictures shown are from my beautiful country of origin, Denmark. ;-)

Edje Tutorial

Just a short post to let you know that Gustavo and me have made a tutorial on creating user interfaced with Edje, Evas and Python. It is based on a simple application launcher that Gustavo wrote some time ago.

The article can be found here:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Exciting news from the Canola team

So, some information about the future Canola releases has been released to the public, explaining what is happening in the Canola land, such a Carman integration, a totally new user interface and a lot more. ;-) Lots of stuff to be excited about!

It is all available in Marcelo's blog, so please take a look:

There is also a cool video showing off some of the interface work that I am working on. Lots of stuff to do still, but the result is astonishing.

iPhone List View

Inspired by the work of Gustavo and his iPhone-like keyboard, I implemented the kinetic scrolling list view also featured on the iPhone. More or less one day of work. Now all that is left to do is optimizing it, and make it a bit more flexible.

I will try to post a video showing it off soonish.

PyconBrasil 3 Conference

If you are interested in python and are living in Brazil or one of the countries surrouding it, I suggest you to visit the INdT sponsored PyConBrasil 3 conference!

It is the 30, 31 of August and the 1st of September in Joinville, SC and I will be giving a speech on developing instant messengers using Python:

Developing an Instant Messenger using Python


So I'm writing to congratulate my friend Rodrigo Vivi with his release of the Mamona sources!

Mamona is a completely open source distribution for ARM that intends to be an useful and open SDK for the Maemo platform. Simply running a chroot (change root) command you will have a complete ARM distribution running on your PC emulated by QEMU (user-mode emulation). Pretty cool!

Vivi has a bit more information available about Mamona here:

The source code of the base packages are available in the mamona repository:

Go check it out and keep an eye on Vivi's blog:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

iPhone-like virtual keyboard

Just a short notice to tell you all that Gustavo posted a video showing off his experiment implementing a iPhone-like virtual keyboard for the N800.

Please check it out:

Monday, July 23, 2007

A long over-due update

So, long time since I have made an update to my blog, but lots have been going on. I finally moved officially to Brazil and am living in Recife for at least the next two years. So far I have been enjoying myself a lot :-)

As some of you know, I work for INdT (The Nokia Technology Institute) as part of the OpenBOSSA stream, ie. working mostly on open source software, which is quite cool. Currently I am working as part of the Canola team, mostly dealing with developing and testing our new graphical platform which consists of the Evas and Edje libraries (among others) from the Enlightenment project. So far, we are quite satisfied with the libraries, though Gustavo and Andrunko are submitting various patches upstream as we run into problems.

I implemented the old interface of Canola and it rocks! free scaling (fullscreen desktop Canola rocks!), great animations, running quickly on the N800 (due to Gustavo's 16bit backend)! I am now working on the future interface and I can tell you all, that you have a lot to look forward to :) Now let's not say more.

If you are interested in hearing more about the new graphical platform (the EFL - Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) and our experience with developing graphical intensive applications for the N800, I have submitted a talk proposal for the conference, so let's hope for the best. If it gets accepted, I will go there and do a tutorial together with Gustavo. :-)

As a side node, Gustavo spent one week to implement the iPhone keyboard using EFL, and you will be amazed how well this works on the N800. I'm sure he will blog about this soonish!