Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LatinoWare 2009

So, tomorrow 7 people from the Qt Labs Americas at the Brazilian Nokia Technology Institute are going to the biggest South American open source conference, LatinoWare in Foz de IguaƧu.

Jesus Sanchez-Palencia and Anselmo Melo will do a mini introduction-course to most the new features on Qt 4.6, and I will do a more elaborated presentation about what we have done with out WebKit support in 4.6, and where we are heading!

Artus Souza, Caio Marcelo e Eduardo Fleury will also be doing very interesting presentations about the KDE Plama Netbook edition, as well about Qt Anchor Layouts.

So, hope to see many of you there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Great week of Qt/Maemo events

So I arrived in Brazil again after one great week in Europe, attending the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam and the Qt Developer Days in Munich.

The Maemo Summit was a great event and it was nice to finally meet the community, now that I have worked with Maemo for 3 years.

I did a short presentation (25 min) about QtWebKit, what it is, why we chose WebKit for Qt, and about what we have been working on the last year. It was surprisingly well received, as different people told me that it was one of the best presentations there.

I also got to meet one of the guys from the Nokia Starlight project, which has since when been opensourced (read more here!). Their work is really great and I'm looking forward cooperation more with the guys and getting their changes reviewed and integrated in the upstream WebKit.

As you can probably deduct from the above, I have been working remotely at part of the Qt WebKit team for about a year now. Great gang of people, so it has been a very interesting and productive year.

Qt 4.6 is looking really good and I'm currently thinking much about what we should concentrate on for Qt 4.7. Shortly, I expect to be looking into creating a clean and open backlog on the WebKit wiki.

After the Maemo Summit, I went to Munich to give a more elaborated and detailed WebKit talk. Qt Developer Days is growing! Almost 700 people present, very professional presentations, great oppotunities to meet up with the trolls - something that just has to be experienced.

Personally it was a great oppotunity for me to meet the difference people working on WebKit, such as people from Starlight, a WebKit performance hacker from The University of Szeged, people working on the Nokia Web Runtime etc. and it was also nice to be among many of my friends again :-)

After the Qt Dev Days in San Francisco, I will see if it will be possible to publish the slides online, so watch this space!