Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get your cars ready!

It has been some time since my employer INdT has released a new version of our car application, Carman. Carman is a OBD-II analyzer for the Nokia Internet Tablet, that presents various car information (via the onboard debug II interface) to the user, such as engine rounds per minute, calculated load value, vehicle speed, cooland temperature etc.

Carman isn't dead though, and a new, much-improved, version is about to be unleashed :-) still fully opensourced! The new version is similar in architecture to Canola and provides a whole new user experience. As Canola, Carman is now based on the EFL framework and spots an integrated touch-based interface, full with animation, maps integration as well as trip reporting!

Marcelo Oliveira has a post, explaining the details and showing off some of the cool new artwork! Though, not yet integrated with Canola, we are definately toying around with the idea, as well as hoping to be able to release Canola as opensource.